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Technical Notes published by Met Éireann

The Technical Note series has been in publication since 1943. It covers a range of subject areas relating to meteorology with a particular emphasis on Ireland and ongoing work at Met Éireann.

Click on the links to access the electronic version. Technical Notes 1, 3-6, 8-9 are not available electronically. Contact the Met Éireann Library for access.

Technical Note No. 2  
Dynamical aspects of the constancy of air density at 8 km  
Doporto, Mariano

Technical Note No. 7  
Theory and description of a gradient wind computer
Doporto, Mariano

Technical Note No. 10
Note of the occurrence of non-frontal fog or mist at Dublin airport during the period October to February 
Tierney, S.L.   

Technical Note No. 11
The utilisation of aircraft weather reports at the meteorological office, Shannon airport     
Rohan, P.K.    
Technical Note No. 12
Potato blight and the weather: a fresh approach      
Bourke, Austin           

Technical Note No. 13
The potato blight weather warning service in Ireland in 1952           
Guerrini, V.H. 

Technical Note No. 14
Evaporation and transpiration in the Irish climate       
Bourke, Austin           

Technical Note No. 15
Potato blight and the weather in Ireland in 1953        
Bourke, Austin

Technical Note No. 16
On the objective determination of minimum density and frequency of upper air observations to meet stated requirements
Gillman, C.J. and Rohan, P.K.

Technical Note No. 17
An analysis of wind components at the 700 and 500 MB levels along the great circle track between Shannon airport, Ireland and Gander airport, Newfoundland           
Doporto, Mariano1954
Technical Note No. 18
An analysis of occasions of poor visibility and low ceiling at Shannon airport
O'Carroll, F.M. 

Technical Note No. 19
Extremes of precipitation in periods of consecutive months 
Dixon, F.E. (Fred E.)

Technical Note No. 20
An investigation into the accuracy of wind forecasts prepared at Shannon airport for the great-circle route Shannon-Gander   
Daly, C.H. and Rohan, P.K.

Technical Note No. 21
Aircraft icing over the eastern north Atlantic
Rohan, P.K. and Ó hAonghusa, F.     

Technical Note No. 22
Filtered equations and filtering integration schemes  
Guerrini, V.H. 

Technical Note No. 23
The use of synoptic weather maps in potato blight epidemiology     
O'Byrne, J.W. and Connaughton, M.J.           

Technical Note No. 24
An analysis of the wind components at the 300 MB level along the great circle track between Shannon and Gander      
Bourke, Austin           

Technical Note No. 25
An analysis of evapotranspiration observations at Valentia Observatory August 1952 - July 1956
Rohan, P.K.    

Technical Note No. 26
Annual and diurnal variation of visibility at Shannon and Dublin airports
Dixon, F.E. (Fred E.)

Technical Note No. 27
The deposition of airborne radioactive particles and the cleaning effect of precipitation at Valentia           
Doporto, Mariano        

Technical Note No. 28
Operational weather conditions at Shannon airport
Daly, C.H. and Fitzgerald, F.J.

Technical Note No. 29
Potential evapotranspiration as measured at Valentia Observatory over the period August 1952 to February 1962 and a comparison with values as computed by the Penman formula
Morgan, W.A. 

Technical Note No. 30
A survey of weather conditions at Cork airport        
Fitzgerald, F.J.

Technical Note No. 31
Global solar radiation, potential evapotranspiration and potential water deficit in Ireland     
Tierney, S.L.   

Technical Note No. 32
Atmospheric chemistry in the Irish Meteorological Service and a discussion of some results
Connaughton, M.J.     

Technical Note No. 33
The concentration of atmospheric condensation nuclei at Valentia observatory     
McWilliams, S.

Technical Note No. 34
Rain intensity - amount - frequency relationships in Ireland  
Logue, J.J.      

Technical Note No. 35
Extreme wind speeds in Ireland
Logue, J.J.

Technical Note No. 36
Atmospheric turbidity at Valentia observatory          
McWilliams, S.

Technical Note No. 38
The wind and current when sailing   
Brevik, Kare   

Technical Note No. 39
Ocean waves
Logue, J.J.

Technical Note No. 40
Extreme rainfalls in Ireland     
Logue, J.J.      

Technical Note No. 41
Extreme wind speeds in Ireland for periods ending in 1974  
Callaghan, W.G.         

Technical Note No. 42
Chemical analysis of precipitation in Ireland 1966 - 1975      
Mathews, R.O. and McCaffrey, F.     

Technical Note No. 43
Annual cycle of rainfall in Ireland       
Logue, J.J.      

Technical Note No. 44
Dynamo: a one-dimensional primitive equation model
Lynch, Peter   

Technical Note No. 45
Initialization using LaPlace transformations   
Lynch, Peter   

Technical Note No. 46
Initialization of a barotropic limited-area model using the LaPlace transform technique
Lynch, Peter

Technical Note No. 47
A provisional assessment of the recreational quality of weather in summer in terms of thermal comfort and the adverse effect of rainfall         
Leech, L.S.

Technical Note No. 48
Numerical forecasting using LaPlace transforms: theory and application to data assimilation         
Lynch, Peter   

Technical Note No. 49
Objective analysis of climatological fields of temperature, sunshine and rainfall
Hamilton, James and Lennon, Peter and O'Donnell, Ben   

Technical Note No. 50
The slow equations: Part I: Derivation and properties of the system / Part II: Application to continuous data assimilation    
Lynch, Peter        

Technical Note No. 51
The estimation of extreme wind speeds over standard terrain in Ireland
Logue, J.J.

Technical Note No. 52
Filtered equations and filtering integration schemes
McDonald, Aidan

Technical Note No. 53
Semi-lagrangian methods
Lynch, Peter

Technical Note No. 54
The elastic pendulum: a simple-mechanical mode of atmospheric balance
Lynch, Peter   

Technical Note No. 55
The origin of noise in semi-langrangian integrations  
McDonald, Aidan        

Technical Note No. 56
Resonant motions of the swinging spring     
Lynch, Peter   

Technical Note No. 57
A step toward transparent boundary conditions for meteorological models
McDonald, Aidan

Technical Note No. 58
Resonant Rossby wave triads and the swinging spring      
Lynch, Peter   

Technical Note No. 59
Analysis of trends at some Irish rainfall stations        
Sheridan, Tom        

Technical Note No. 60
Transparent lateral boundary conditions for baroclinic waves I : the foundations   
McDonald, Aidan        

Technical Note No. 61
Estimation of point rainfall frequencies          
Fitzgerald, D.L.           

Technical Note No. 62
Verification of Met Éireann weather radar    
Fitzpatrick, Noel

Technical Note No. 63
To what extent does the large temporal variability in Irish precipitation mask underlying trends?
Gleeson, Emily and O’Hara, Ciara and Walsh, Séamus and Duffy, Sinéad

Technical Note No. 64
Impact of Storm Darwin on Ireland: description of the event and assessment of weather forecasts
McGrath, Ray

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