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Saturday, 25 February 2017
8 Celsius
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Irish Meteorological Society evening talk: "Space Weather"
13 February 2017

The Irish Meteorological Society is organising an evening talk on the subject of "Space Weather" on Thursday, 16 February, in the Custom House, Dublin. The event will start at 6pm with tea/coffee available from 5.30pm.

While the weather we experience in many forms everyday develops from activity in the troposphere and stratosphere, interesting things can also happen in the higher layers of the Earth's atmosphere, including the effects of solar activity on the magnetosphere and ionosphere. This realm of activity is called Space Weather. It describes the changing environmental conditions in near-Earth space. Severe space weather events, such as solar flares, coronal mass ejections, and solar energetic particle events, have the potential to affect severely a range of vital technologies including communications.

Dr. Sophie Murray of Trinity College Dublin's Astrophysics Research Group will be our speaker on this fascinating topic.

The talk is open to all and is free. You can register for the event by visiting the society's website,

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