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Réamhaisnéisí reatha: Wednesday, 29 March 2017 05:11

Mostly overcast today, with occasional outbreaks of rain, turning heavy across much of the western half of the country, but more patchy in eastern areas. Some dry spells also. Misty, with hill and coastal fog, but mild. Maximum temperatures 12 to 16 Celsius, in moderate to fresh southerly winds.


Tonight will be mostly cloudy, with patches of rain and drizzle, persistent in places, but good dry spells in many areas also. Misty, with hill and coastal fog persisting. Minimum temperatures 7 to 11 Celsius, in light to moderate southerly breezes, fresh along southern and eastern coasts.


Nuacht na hAimsire

24 March 2017 - Arctic sea ice hits a record low maximum extent

Arctic sea ice appears to have reached its annual maximum extent on March 7. This is the lowest maximum in the 38-year satellite record.

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13 March 2017 - Irish Meteorological Society Lecture: The Tellus Project 

Thursday, 16 March, at 6pm in the Custom House. Dr. James Hodgson of the Geological Survey, Ireland, will give a presentation on the Tellus Project. Tellus is a a very interesting and exciting programme that uses ground and airborne measurements to map geoscience data. It uses a low-flying aircraft to measure the Earth’s magnetic field, natural radiation and ground conductivity through electromagnetic signals. 

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16 February 2017 - El Niño/La Niña Update

During the second half of 2016, tropical Pacific Ocean surface temperatures were at borderline weak La Niña/cool-neutral levels. Many atmospheric ENSO indicators also approached or exceeded La Niña thresholds. During January 2017, tropical Pacific Ocean temperatures and some atmospheric fields clearly returned to ENSO-neutral levels. With weak La Niña signals since mid-2016, in some regions the influence of other climate drivers may have equaled or even outweighed that of EN

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